Sunday, September 28, 2003

I left Luther at 6:45 on Friday morning to be with Hannah before, during and after her finger surgery. We (myself, Hannah, and her mom) got to the hospital at about 11:45am and did all of the paperwork and waiting until she finally got into the operating room at like 2:00. It was only an hour until we got to go back to Hannah's, and everything went smoothly. The doctor put two pins in her left ring finger (which actually stick out of it) and then wrapped the finger in a huge bandage. The first time that we saw her after the surgery she was sitting in a recliner with the nurse next to her and she said, "Can I get some more of that medicine, please?" What a nutball. So we spent the rest of the afternoon resting at her house and later that night pretty much all of her friends stopped by at the same time to see how she was doing and it was really cool. I wish I could be with her to take care of her... I really didn't want to come back on Saturday. Anyway, she is doing fine for now, and I think she has to have the pins in for three weeks or so.

Friday, September 26, 2003

As I write this, it is only four and a half hours until I leave for home to be with Hannah. She broke her finger really badly on Wednesday in P.E., and the doctor told her today (Thursday) that she needs to undergo surgery for it. Apparently she needs to have pins put into her finger and then she has to wear a huge and annoying cast. So I am skipping classes tomorrow to be with her for that. My thanks to all who signed the "Get Well" card for her. I'll be back Saturday around lunch time for the Wartburg game. I am going to be so tired tomorrow. Awesome.

The good news, you ask? I ordered my guitar on Wednesday, and UPS says it will be here on Tuesday the 30th. For those who really care, you can track "New Blue's" journey across the land here. Thanks again to everyone who donated money to the fund. I can't even believe that it all happened so fast. To those who laughed at me, I laugh in your general direction. This just goes to show how far you can go with only a dream in your heart and an envelope for money.

Meanwhile, please pray for Hannah's speedy recovery and for New Blue's speedy delivery. Thanks.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

The Best of Weekends

First of all, I haven't been back in West Des Moines for a solid month, and it is so wonderful to be home. I absolutely love it. I don't think I really realized how much I missed Hannah until I saw her at the football game. It is so nice to be with her and spend time with her!

My mom was in a pretty serious car accident last week, in which the airbag probably saved her life, and today is the first time I have seen her since. She is doing wonderfully and I love her to death. Right now she is outside working on her garden. Ah, the sweet feeling of familiarity.

And now for the best part of the weekend thus far (besides seeing my family and my girlfriend). As many of you know, I began a donation fundraising campaign to buy a new guitar. As of Thursday night, I had raised approximately $155, which means that I only needed to raise about $85 more dollars until I reached the $240 goal (I found someone to buy my current guitar for $200 - one Anna Bergdall). Last night at the Valley-Dowling football game (Valley - 42, Dowling - 14), Hannah handed me a check for $50 and says "This is from me and the A Cappella choir." Apparently she stood up in front of choir and asked for donations from me, and gave me some money herself! I tell you what, she is one amazing woman. 85 - 50 = $35. Ten minutes later a good friend of mine, Alyssa Ericson, says "Hey Jake, I have $30 for your guitar.." WHAT!? I sort of started the whole thing out not expecting it to work at all, and now I was only $5 away from my goal. Pure ridiculosity. Yes. RIDICULOSITY. So the rest of the night flies by, and I eventually make it home at about 2:00am. Naturally, there is a pile of mail for me sitting on the dining room table... most of which is junk mail. Except for one peculiar looking parcel. I wan't able to discern who it was from by looking at the return address, but it looked it was a check because it had the perforated edges, etc., so I opened it, not knowing what the heck it was. What did it say, you ask?

Pay to the order of: Jacob Bouma $156.00

I was just as amazed as you are. I got a refund frmo US Cellular from my deposit on my cell phone which I made a year and a half ago. I couldn't believe it, and I didn't want to get screwed over, so I called the helpful 1-800 number on a bill stub, and the lady on the other end politely told me that I was in fact not getting screwed over!

So what does this mean? It means a new guitar. It means Jake can go to Wal-Mart and get the essentials. It means Jake can go to the Jason Mraz concert in Cedar Rapids. It means alot of things folks. When people tell you that things will work out, they mean it. God is good.

I expect that things will only get better until I have to go back to Luther tomorrow. The Homecoming dance is tonight, and it's going to be a blast. Thank you to all who donated to the guitar fund, and look for more information soon about the tentatively-titled "Jake Bouma New Guitar Concert."

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

The Music Ministry/New Guitar Fund

Alright, here's the deal. I have officially started a donation fund which will provide the money for me to buy a new and much better guitar than the one I currently own. Am I crazy? Maybe. But maybe I am not. The following are valid reasons for starting such a donation fund:

1) The new guitar would serve myself and my playing needs in the campus Christian worship band FOCUS much better. Also, because the guitar is a higher quality instrument, it would last longer and serve my future in youth and music ministry. I am currently a Religion major with a minor in Music at Luther College, and intend to dedicate my life to both youth and music ministry. Music - more specifically, "guitar-based" worship - has impacted my life profoundly, and this guitar would be a wonderful instrument in spreading the Word.
2) I bought the guitar I currently own without a pickup installed (a pickup is the device that lets you plug into an amp). Since it did not have one, I had one installed, and the one I had installed broke. It cannot be fixed (I took it in multiple times) and must be replaced with a new one.
3) The new guitar is an "acoustic-electric," which means that it comes installed with a very good pickup in it.

I mentioned above that the guitar which I am raising money for is higher quality. These are the specific qualities:

- The guitar I own is made out of spruce and mahogany, while the new guitar is made completely of beautiful and better sounding maple wood.
- As I mentioned, the new guitar has a pickup in it, and an equalizer on the guitar itself, for ease of sound management.
- The new guitar is blue, just like the one I have now.
- The old guitar has chrome tuning pegs, while the new guitar has gold tuning pegs and hardware.
- The new guitar has a recessed body for ease of playing, while the old guitar has a full body.
- The new guitar has pearl abalone inlays in the neck and a more ornate head which make the guitar prettier.

The "new" guitar can be purchased for as low as $439.95, and I may be able to sell my current guitar for $150-175. This means that I need to raise $265-290. I began today and raised $15 cash and $1 online through PayPal. I ask anyone reading this to consider donating after taking into account what I have said. I will accept cash, check and money orders, as well as donations (including credit card donations) through PayPal. If you wish to donate through PayPal, click the "donate" button on the left-hand side of the page. Please send cash, checks (made payable to Jake Bouma), and money orders to:

Jake Bouma
700 College Drive
SPO 363
Decorah, IA 52101

Thank you very much... and if you are interested in seeing the guitar of which I am speaking, you can view a picture of it here.

UPDATE 9/3: Total money raised to date - $27.50

Monday, September 01, 2003

Apparently, it's not TV that causes violence, it's movies. Jewish leaders said yesterday a major film distributor has decided not to release Mel Gibson's The Passion and urged others to follow suit, saying its theme that Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus could trigger anti-Semitic crimes. "This is how it began in Germany," one person said. Give me a break, people. The film is about the last 12 hours of Jesus' life... why does everything has to be seen as some form of hate towards any given orginization or group? Anyway, you can read the whole article here.