Thursday, October 09, 2003

Dashboard Confessional concert. St. Paul, Minnesota. October 7, 2003.

What a perfectly splendid evening. The only thing that could have been better is if Hannah would have been there. Anyway, myself, Brittany and Kristin left Luther around 2:45 headed for the Cities. When we got into St. Paul, we turned the wrong way on a street, thanks to When we finally realized that a huge auditorium probably wouldn't be nestled nicely between two duplexes, we turn around and stopped at Burger King. It would have been a perfectly normal fast food outing had Brittany not pointed out a rolled-up ten dollar bill lying on the ground. Not only that, but she was nice enough to let me have it. So we ate dinner and then headed out to look for parking. There weren't any spots near the auditorium, and I didn't want to get lost so we sold our souls for a total of $10 so we could park in a parking garage. When we got in, we put our money together and each purchased lovely t-shirts, and then headed to our seats. The seats were actually pretty good. Roy Wilkins auditorium is not very big, and we were in the balcony, a safe distance from the high school sophomores on the floor who were crowd surfing, moshing, and being just plain ridiculous. The three of us agreed that we felt old.

And now the music. Three bands played before Dashboard. They were (in order), Piebald (I don't know what it means either), Brand New, and MXPX. Brand New was my favorite of the three, and they performed a Dahboard cover which was kind of neat. My only complaint about these bands is that they played for a little over two hours. The concert started at 6:30, and MXPX finished their set at 8:36pm. However, as I would soon find out, Dashboard was well worth the wait.

I was extremely restless between 8:36pm and 9:02pm, when the house lights finally dimmed and the band walked on stage to a drum beat and a screaming crowd. The drum beat was the beginning of "For You To Notice". The entire setlist was as follows:

For You To Notice
The Sharp Hint of New Tears
The Brilliant Dance
Hey Girl
The Good Fight
I Am Missing
Carry This Picture
As Lovers Go
Jam Session #1
So Impossible
Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus cover)
Bend and Not Break
Screaming Infidelities
Again I Go Unnoticed
So Beautiful
Rapid Hope Loss

Jam Session #2
Hands Down

Overall, I was incredibly pleased with the setlist. I wasn't really a big fan of the new cd, but when I heard alot of the songs performed live, my mind was changed. I was thrown off by "Teenage Dirtbag," but pleased nonetheless. It was just a wonderful mix of old and new. My favorites were "Sharp Hint of New Tears" and "Hands Down." I could go on for a while about the actual performance, but I will refrain.

The next hour and a half are a bur of excitement, tired legs, anxiousness, and joy. After the show, we were determined to meet Chris (the lead singer), so we walked around the building until we ran into a security guard who reluctantly told us to go to 5th Avenue, where the tour bus was. We went. We waited. We waited some more. Then we did it. We met Chris. We took pictures. We had our tickets autographed. We left. We peed. Because of excitement, not because of bladder control problems.

As I said before, the only thing that would have made it the perfect night would be if Hannah had been there. I never knew how beautiful downtown St. Paul is, and I wish I could have expienced that, as well as the concert, with her. I guess we'll just have to road trip sometime. My thanks are extended to Brittany Borstad and Kristin Dorr for being my moral and monetary support, and Kristin Dorr for freaking out and laughing for ten minutes straight on the way home.

(Lights down on stage.)
(End scene.)